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Bahamas Marinas Are Open For Business

The Association of Bahamas Marinas, on behalf of its participating members, are in full support mode of the northern islands of The Bahamas. As are all the Bahamian people, we are grateful for the outpouring of support and we will be there for our fellow marinas for as long as it takes to rebuild and come back better than before.

The Bahamas is an archipelago of over 700 islands spread out over 100,000 square miles of ocean and only a small portion of the country was impacted by Hurricane Dorian.

The single most important thing that the boating and yachting community can do for The Bahamas and its people, is to come visit. Tourism makes up almost 70% of our nation’s GDP. This revenue not only supports all the Bahamian people, it will be a driving force behind the rebuilding of the hurricane damaged islands of the Abacos and Grand Bahama.

Many, if not all, of the residents of these two islands, may have to relocate to other islands within The Bahamas for a while. They too will most likely be supported by the tourism industry, as this is where the bulk of our jobs lie.

We welcome all of our past, current and future guests to start making your plans for this upcoming boating and yachting season. From Long Island to Exuma to Eleuthera to Bimini, the Bahamian people welcome you with open arms.

Here is the list of marinas that are open and waiting for your arrival.

The ABM represents the leading marinas throughout seven Bahamas island groups. These marinas are a collective voice in the marina industry working maintain high standards of service and quality improvements in boater safety and security, marina operating standards and in-water and on the dock training programs.

The ABM and member marinas can be visited at the following Florida boat shows:

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show

October 30 – November 3, 2019

Stuart Boat Show

January 10-12, 2020

Palm Beach International Boat Show

March 26-29, 2020

For information on all of the marinas listed below, visit the Association of Bahamas Marinas website:

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