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Image by Sebastian Pena Lambarri

To help you better plan your fishing trip, so you can find the best times to go after what you’re looking for, we have provided you with a master fishing guide for the waters of The Bahamas.

NASA has rated The Bahamas some of the best waters in the world, a view that has long been held by the many inhabitants of these waters–the fish. With such a vast span of sea, shoals and sandy shores, The Bahamas offers a wide array of fishing experiences from which to choose. From bonefish to big gamefish, the waters surrounding the islands of The Bahamas are sure to provide you with a once in a lifetime fishing experience. Though we are all eager to get out there and start fishing, there are regulations to be followed. These are intended to accommodate legitimate sport fishing events and tournaments, while still providing greater protection for important fish stocks within the archipelago. Fishing charters are easy to find and we can guide you in making a connection. Professional guides are friendly, knowledgeable and, most importantly, experienced.


Full information on recreational fishing regulations within The Bahamas is available at

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