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Association of Bahamas Marina App Now Available

Get The Bahamas on The Go

The Association of Bahamas Marinas announces an expansion of their digital presence by adding a new mobile app available for both IOS and Android to complement their existing website. The new offering provides users of Android and Apple devices with real time updates about all member marinas, allied service members, as well as view current information on health protocols, fishing rules and entry requirements. Payment of charter fees for commercial operators can also be completed within the app.

The IOS app was initially rolled out on IOS in November 2020 and has proved its value during the Covid pandemic when travel rules and testing requirements were changing regularly. “We recognized that the boating public could not always access a website while they were aboard their vessels, so we engaged Land and Sea Software Corp to design an app which made information available offline yet would update once an acceptable cell signal was established. Our users could always depend on receiving the latest available information when they opened the app because the ABM pushed updates to users as soon as changes were announced”, according to Basil Smith, the Executive Director of The Association of Bahamas Marinas. Smith went on to state “The boating public has been asking for an app version and we are meeting the need so that all mobile users can benefit from the knowledgebase of the ABM. We have other features under development that will make it even easier for boaters in The Bahamas to find relevant information and interact with our members.”

“Our system is designed for rapid deployment and real-time updating of content even where there may be gaps in cellular coverage, so when we were contacted by The Association of Bahamas Marinas to build a mobile platform that could be used offline, yet also provide real time updates we were able to go live with our IOS offering in a matter of days”, according to Addison Chan the founder of Land And Sea Software. It is an honor to be part of the digital evolution of The Association of Bahamas Marinas.

The IOS and Android mobile apps are available for download at no charge via the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store respectively.

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