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ABM Allied Members Offer a Full Menu of Services Aimed at the Boating Community

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

The mission statement of ABM is to serve and support the boating and saltwater community that loves The Bahamas. From all corners of the world, boaters and travelers alike who hold the Caribbean near and dear to their hearts make the trek to enjoy the island life, culture and incredible beauty of the Bahamas. Island life is not just a vibe, it is a mindset. It’s a family and a very passionate one at that. There is something just plain magical that fills our hearts and sets our souls adrift to a place that becomes a part of who we are.

The islands of the Bahamas stretches over 760 miles. For many travelers, they fall in love with a particular location and visit as often as possible. For others who have more of a nomad spirit, exploring the 700+ islands becomes a dedicated journey. One thing we know for sure is that traveling through the islands can bring unique scenarios. Knowing you have a network of people and businesses that can collectively have your back when it comes to marinas, parts, services, supplies, communications and reliability is critical. It can literally save lives.

Here at ABM we take our island and boating community very seriously. That is why we have worked diligently to have a unique variety of Allied Members to assist with making sure your journey while in the Bahamas is enjoyable at every level and you have the peace of mind that help is within reach.

When you support the ABM Allied Members, you are supporting the good works of the whole association! We have Allied Members ready to assist boaters in the following categories:

Our biggest message to our treasured salt-water family? We have your back. We are with you all the way in your saltwater travels and journey.

Be sure to check out our website and our social media pages. We are always happy to feature photos and IG reels on our feeds and stories. Be sure to tag us and use the #itsbetterinbahamianwaters.


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