Bahamas Marinas Are Open for Business September 2017

Spared by Irma, Bahamas Marinas are Open for Business.

The marine recreational sector of the Bahamas’ tourism industry is up and open for business. Most of the member marinas of the Association of Bahamas Marinas (ABM) are reporting no damage from hurricane Irma and are open and ready for business.

“This hurricane caused great damage throughout the region and the southern Bahamas,” says ABM President, Stephen Kappeler, “and we sympathise with the citizens of the islands that were so badly affected. We are also deeply concerned about the welfare of citizens of the state of Florida, whose lives have been so disrupted by hurricane Irma,” he said.

“However, we are greatly relieved that hurricane Irma by-passed so many of the islands in The Bahamas and spared most of our members from damage or dislocation,” said Kappeler.

“Only two marinas have reported damage that prevents them from opening for business,” said Basil Smith executive director of the association. “Of 27 members, we’re still awaiting word from seven, but the overall picture right now is very positive indeed”.

Hurricane Irma, as it approached The Bahamas, veered to the west after impacting the southernmost islands in the archipelago, inflicting serious damage on Ragged Island, in particular. It then steered clear of most of the islands, delivering tropical force wind and minimal rain in most areas, before inflicting somewhat more severe impact on West End, Grand Bahama and Bimini as it left the archipelago for Florida.

Disruption to utility services in those areas has impacted operations at marinas on Bimini and at West End. “We hope that in subsequent reports we will be able to give a positive account of the marinas in those locations,” said Smith.

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