Bahamas Government Protocols for Boating in The Bahamas April 2020

Updated 5/20/20

The Government of The Bahamas has released official COVID-19 related protocols for foreign and local boats that are currently in the waters of The Bahamas. On April 27th, the 24 hour curfew and weekend lock down schedule was extended until May 30th. The lockdowns are in effect every weekend between Friday at 9pm and Monday at 5am, and require all non-essential workers to remain in their homes. Boaters may move during this time, but cannot stop at any marina or go to shore.

The Bahamas Safe Passage Home and Sea Quarantine has been established by the Association of Bahamas Marinas as an orderly way to help boats either remain moored or leave Bahamian waters safely while minimizing the risk of spreading the virus throughout the islands. The program will be in effect until normal border travel is restored. Please note that our program exists within the existing guidelines of the curfew order. Service will NOT be offered on days where a total shutdown has been ordered.

Boaters will be granted safe passage through Bahamian waters provided they observe the requirements of the government protocols.

There are now strategically placed participating marinas through the country available and open to provide vessels with water, provisioning and fuel, provided you have made arrangements with that marina prior to arrival. The program also applies to those crossing through Bahamian waters in order to get back to their country of origin (Right of Innocent Passage). Pre-approval from the DGC must be granted for this and any other exceptions to the protocols. Recreational boating from one island to another is strictly prohibited by the government.

Participating Marinas:

  • Staniel Cay Marina 1 (242) 355-2024 (Exuma)

  • Flying Fish 1 (242) 337-3430 (Long Island)

  • Romora Bay 1 (242) 333-2325 (Harbour Island)

  • Cape Eleuthera 1 (242) 334-8400 (Rock Sound, Eleuthera)

  • Bay Street Marina 1 (242) 676-7000 (Nassau)

  • Palm Cay 1 (242) 422-6086 (Nassau)

  • Hurricane Hole 1 (242) 603-1950 (Paradise Island)

  • Nassau Yacht Haven 1 (242) 393-8173 (Nassau)

  • Grand Bahama Yacht Club 1 (242) 373-7616 (Freeport, GBI)

  • Bradford Marine 1 (242) 727-5431 (Freeport, GBI) – click for location

  • Bimini Cove (Bimini Sands) 1 (772) 210-0443 (South Bimini)

  • Abaco Beach Resort 1 (242) 367-2158 (Marsh Harbour, Abaco)

For more information on the program, please post questions on The Bahamas, Land & Sea Facebook group page

Please note in the amended protocols the contact email has changed – it is now


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